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PPS NFC Nail Tag For Trees & Wood Identification and tracking


In the wood ,pallets and containers tracking &management projects, we need to know the real-time information ,especially in an efficient warehouse. Not like the PCB on metal tag or soft on metal tag, the NFC nail tag can be hammered into the wood, in the daily regular operations the NFC nail tag wont be scratched ,hit easily. The work frequency of the NFC nail tag is 13.56Mhz,we can use our cell phone to write and read the tag.The memory size is about 2528 bits(I CODE SLIX2),we can use this properly, in a wood management projects, we can encode  the tree age, species, cut-down time ,original etc, the NFC nail tag help us digital our data, which help the customer know well about the items.Of course,the PPS NFC nail tag is only a parts of the whole RFID system,but if we know the NFC nail tag well, its be helpful for us to reach our set purpose.Below ‘s parts of the features.

Key Features.

Durable and reusable. The PPS material enable it withstand harsh environments, resistance to moisture ,shock, low &high temperature etc.

Customizable. Its flexible to custom the LF-125Khz,HF-13.56Mhz,UHF-860~960Mhz passive RFID chip. It depends on the application

Easily installation. Drill a hole size no less than-φ5*33mm,then nail in with a rubber hammer