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Adhesive RFID label for the retails-Jewelry RFID label


Comparing with the traditional barcode ,the RFID technology enable the retailer a fast& reliable inventory checking, saving manpower ,accurate. As we know, the RFID technology requires no line-of-sight,one seconds we can scan multiple of RFID lable. Many jewelry retailer has adopted such kind technology to help them increasing the sales, saving cost and improving the accurate of the inventory. We have customized various of various jewelry RFID label for the retailer to manage the items like the rings, earrings,necklaces and watch etc.

Below’s  concerns may help you.


Usually ,we will choose from coated paper or PET, the prints effect is much closer, and PET has a certain waterproof function, and the appearance seems like high-class.


The size parts relates to the prints contain we’ll list on the label also we should consider the size of the items which the jewelry RFID label will attach to.For the retailer,they care it a lots, this details will effect the end-customer’s feeling, while for us ,as long as we have leaved enough safety space for the antenna ,we can custom any size.


Many system integrators care about the memory size and read distance.Impinj Monza R6 and U CODE 7 is the most widely used types, good read-sensitive and long read distance.


Usually, the thermal printer supports all the label well. For insurance purpose,before you place the order, you can tell us the prints model.