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Coated UHF RFID tag VS on metal UHF RFID tag


For the high turnover rate industry,like the rental service and e-commerce platform,the unimpressive items like a pieces of paper,printer,a bag of candy,we need to track where it’s and what the quantity’s left in the warehouse.The UHF RFID system’s the most ideal one which can track logistics,location,rental information.

To meeting the challenge of 11.11 shopping festival,a warehouse in ShenZhen has deployed the RFID system to automatically manage the data flow of the items.Before adopting such system,they made a research that it’s save time and reduces secondary deliveries comparing with the barcode system.If only they bulid the grids of RFID hardware which is consisted of UHF RFID antenna,UHF RFID reader,integrated reader,the location of the items will be accurate to meters.

According to the packing material and cost,every items will be attached to a RFID tags,it depends ,the material of the RFID tags can be coated paper ,PPS ,PCB etc.In their rental area,like the commercial washing machine.Usually,a PCB on metal RFID tag with strong 3M glue will be found on the top machine.Aso,at least 2 UHF RFID integrated reader will be deployed above the gate.When the washing machine has been rented out ,the movement will be tracked ,through the ERP system,the data will upload to it.Each items’ statue will be captured.

“Coated paper UHF RFID tag is the most widely used type in our warehouse,it’s easily operated like print a standard paper”. A manager said to us.“The UHF RFID on metal tag is expensive ,usually we used it on the shelf or the expensive machine ”.


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