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Epoxy NFC tag


It’s not a news when you come across a NFC sticker on the back of someone’s cellphone.Many cellphone has such NFC function,such device can save the cost to purchase a specific NFC reader.

Most of our customer has used the NFC tag in the access control,pets tracking,social and patrol system.A slightly touch will enable the visitors entry a building,a epoxy ID NFC tag can help the pets finding the way back to home.As we know,the NFC tag has the master’s information,it’s not a big challenge to find a NFC cellphone to get such information.The epidemic has been effecting our social life daily,some activity organizers have changed the way how the hold a activity,NFC technology has been used,one function is for the access control,proximity technology with any contact,another is exchanging social information just as the business card function.

For us ,we’re committed to offer the reliable NFC tag for the flexible application.

According to the application,we can custom the details:

1),Encapsulating material.

The epoxy and PVC material withstand humid&high temperature environment.

For more harsh environment,like the patrol system,PPS will be better

2),Size&glue etc

The tag's flexible to custom size and shape,for the glue,once we have custom a NFC wristband for a swimming pool.

3) ,Chip.

NXP’NTAG series has been widely used.At the beginning of the year,NTAG216 has been used in a game card while NTAG213 is the most widely used type.