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  • In the short term, Apple needs to find a business with more significant effects to increase revenue. For Apple, which wants to take the software and service route in the next stage, payment is a more valuable entry point to promote its own business.


  • In the wood ,pallets and containers tracking &management projects, we need to know the real-time information ,especially in an efficient warehouse. Not like the PCB on metal tag or soft on metal tag, the NFC nail tag can be hammered into the wood, in the daily regular operations the NFC nail tag won’t be scratched ,hit easily.


  • Comparing with the traditional barcode ,the RFID technology enable the retailer a fast& reliable inventory checking, saving manpower ,accurate. As we know, the RFID technology requires no line-of-sight,one seconds we can scan multiple of RFID lable.


  • Considering the small size of the reaer,this items is easily to integrated to other types of access control system ,like the biometrics access control system. It’s flexible to manage the data on a single platform.


  • For some events or application, the activity time lasts for a day or a few days,the RFID paper wristband is an ideal items as a all-in-one tickets, if we take the budget into consideration, it’s cost-effective while much powerful comparing with the barcode wristband.


  • The tracking of the pallets happens in the distribution center&warehouse,where the working temperature is high.On a regular basis,the pallets won't be treat properly treated by the operators if we take the long work time into considertion.If so,which kind of UHF RFID pallets can count on? It should withstand the harsh environments and non-standard operaiton.