RFID cards provide a security and convenient identification experience for the projects, like loyalty program, access control and cashless payment. Smart card supports to operate on different frequency ,LF 125Khz,HF 13.56Mhz to UHF 860~960Mhz.
We could provide RFID cards with different material, like RFID PVC cards, RFID paper cards, RFID wooden cards, also different size and printing. Besides, we could offer thermal rewritable RFID Card, dual frequency composite card, epoxy card, key fob.
You could also customize your RFID cards, please let us know the details, application and chips etc.

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  • The blank RFID PVC card is made of high-quality PVC material and built-in RFID chips and antenna. It can be read by reader within 3cm and we usually use them in healthy store and club,play rooms and theme park etc.

  • CR80 RFID Blocking Card Blocking Module is specially used to shield wireless signals of high-frequency 13.56 (13.56mhz) smart cards (such as payment cards, membership cards, etc.). This is a smart anti-theft card that prevents criminals from stealing card information.


    Size: 85*54mm

    Material: PVC

    Chip: blocking module

    Craft: CMYK printing

    Application:Credit card / membership card / card holder

  • Our NFC Aluminum Block Card Sleeve Anti Scanning is for protecting our bank card ID card passport from malicious reading and stolen information. nfc We are selling a safe and secure, please watch the above video, please forward to make friends around you vigilant


    Size: 92*62mm

    Material: Aluminum/tin/PET

    Craft: CMYK printing

    Application:Credit card / membership card / card holder

  • The newly designed wooden card box (RFID Wooden Card Holder Automatic Pop up) is made of stainless steel automatic pop-up,and then laminated with high-grade wood.RFID Wooden Card Holder Automatic Pop up can be customized with RFID function.RFID Wooden Card Holder Automatic Pop up is hand-made, with even gaps, natural appearance, and delicate feel.


    Size: 90*60mm

    Material: wooden+stainless

    Craft: Laser or silk screen printing

    Application:business,gifts, promotions

  • PVC Rfid Card Ntag213 Ntag215 Nfc Blank Card,as a standard NFC chip card,can be used in large-scale market applications, such as retail, gaming and consumer electronics products, combined with NFC equipment or NFC compatible peripheral products, safe and convenient.


    Size: 85*54mm

    Material: PVC

    Chip: Ntag213 ntag215 ntag 216

    Craft: CMYK printing

    Application:Shopping / Gym / Club / Theme Park / Hospital/Game

  • It support ISO14443A/B protocol,3~5cm read distance. Any device with NFC function could read it well.Etch logo 13.56Mhz NFC&RFID Card We could custom any NFC chip as your requirement. Etch logo 13.56Mhz NFC and RFID Card




    Craft:Etch&engrave,silkscreen prints

    Application:retails,fitness center,game center,casino etc

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